1. Customer relationships are merely a reflection of employer-employee relationship.
  2. Successful companies invest more in the learning and development of their employees and get higher returns
  3. Training is an investment, and not a cost
  4. Focus on consistency and frequency of the programs. Do not go for quick fixes or cheap programs
  5. Never organize a training program without a clear objective in mind
  6. Design interactive training programs rather than classroom sessions
  7. Never take an unwilling learner to a session. Have prior training discussions with the participants and take their buy in for the programs
  8. Share pre-reading and post-reading material for the training programs. Make the participants document and share their learning. When people have to share their learning post session, they are much more attentive during the sessions
  9. Regularly trained employees achieve business breakthroughs
  10. It is advisable to organize program at a venue other than your office. Environment impacts the learning quotient.


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