“Money may not make you happy but it surely makes you comfortable”

Any person who says money does not matter beyond a certain point, must first reach that point. When I was working on my book ‘The Millionaire Entrepreneur’, I studied the lives over 100 millionaires. I realized that they all had few qualities in common. If you develop these qualities, then chances are high that you will also move in the direction of wealth and abundance.

  1. Strong sense of self-belief- All the self made millionaires have a strong sense of self belief. Your self-belief determines your possibility field. If you believe that you can be rich, then you will take up the challenges that can make you rich. Rather than seeking security you will seek growth.
  2. Long-term strategies- They did not suffer from nearsightedness. Whenever there was a conflict between instant gratification and long term benefits, they always thought of long term consequences. They were not worried about how much money they make at the end of every month, they were thinking in terms of years and sometimes even decades.
  3. System creators or investors- They realized that 99% of the people in a job can never be millionaires. The Chairman always makes more money than his CEO. They relied on self created systems for wealth or invested resources in other successful systems. You maximize your chances of wealth when you create business systems that make money for you even when you are not working. OPM (other people’s money) and OPT (Other people’s time) are two strategies they strongly relied on.
  4. Hard workers- Most of them worked for 60-80 hours per week. All of them were in love with their work and did not mind giving it a lot of time. They realized that living is made between 9 am to 5pm while fortune is created by what you do between 5 pm and 9am. They all believe in going the extra-mile. While the masses worked for 40 hours a week and relaxed on weekends, these self-made millionaires sometimes worked on 7 days a week and for long hours. They were busy creating a system, a vehicle that will lead to financial freedom.
  5. Power Networks- They realized that it is our network that creates our net-worth. They nurtured the right people in their network, added influential people, and got rid of the toxic people in their lives. It is very important that you surround yourself with people who are richer and more successful than you. It is very easy to become a millionaire when you know a few billionaires.

Develop these habits and see your wealth sky-rocket.

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