How many of you have had a feeling that the world is changing around you and you are matching those changes with the same speed? Or have you felt that it is sometimes difficult for you to change or to move on?

This book provides an interesting insight from different minds. The book starts with a group of friends sitting together and discussing what has changed for them in these 10-15 years. How have they coped up with those changes and how some people feel that change no longer bothers them!  The book deals with 4 characters – 2 mice and 2 humans. They are kept in a maze and everyday they go on a hunt to find the cheese. Everybody is looking for their own cheese. Here ‘cheese’ is cleverly depicting the ‘changes’ a person wants in his life. Everything was going well for them till the time they found a huge source of cheese. Two humans got complacent and did not notice the changes that were happening around them. That cheese became the centre of their life and everything revolved around it. One fine morning the cheese was gone.

At this time, the story splits into two. Two mice quickly accepted the loss of cheese and started the search again. The humans on the other hand kept cribbing about the loss. They were trying to find an excuse for them to stay there, to make things worse for themselves. In the meantime, the mice found a new source for their cheese and that too a bigger and better one. Here the author, Spencer, also tries to emphasize on the fact, that how humans make their life more complex instead of keeping it simple.

One of the humans after getting frustrated decided to go searching for his new cheese. The fears he faced while leaving that place which he thought was secure for him, the struggle he had to do to overcome his fears and how flashes of never finding the cheese scared him, are  beautifully described in the book. The tale captures the moments and experiences when we have left a job and filed in some of our relationships. The author explains, if you are willing to live a passive life, without any risk or adventure, then life becomes too predictable.

Many of us have preferred the security of a fixed income coming to us. While others who took the risk and failed and got up again and how have they grown personally by taking those risks can tell how independent they feel. The book provides a valuable lesson to all of us who fear taking risks and stop chasing our dreams. It’s time for us to realize that why did we stop thinking, chasing, changing and why did we choose to hang on a pillar which provides us support.

Rohit Kakaria

Rohit is a 1st Year student at Fore School of Management. The views expressed are his own based upon the analysis and research he did on the topic from various books, reports and web articles.  He regularly writes for Corporate Monks and Success Monks as a research associate.