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How to Cure Your Depression?

“You make your depression permanent by the way you use your mind and body” So many people suffer from depression and crazy mood swings that wreck their lives and create unhappiness in the lives of people around them. Some people want to stay depressed and miserable because it gets them a lot of attention and sympathy from the world around them. You may not be able to cure depression of other people, but you can…

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Stress Management Tips

Stress. It is a word with a bad reputation. “Stress is awful” We “suffer” from stress. However, we must realize, not all stress is bad. The response that we call stress is actually our brain’s flight-or-fight-response. For example, physical manifestations of stress like increased blood pressure and heart activity actually fuel our agility and strength. It is essential to understand that stress is not the perceived demands or threats made to us. Stress is our…