This is not only a cliched interview question but also a question that determines what you will do with your own life and how will you impact the lives of people who come in touch with you.

Leadership is not a title, but a character trait.  A leader can be- a family leader, a social leader, a political leader, a spiritual leader, a student leader, an academic leader or a business leader. The word leader is not a propriety of political world or the business world, as leadership is needed in all walks of life. Leadership is all about how you behave whether you have a title or not.

Leader of a follower

I am also reminded of a short anecdote I read in a book. There was a girl who was applying for admission into a business school. One of the question in the business school application was- ‘Are you a leader or a follower?’. She answered that she was a ‘follower’. After couple of weeks she got the admission letter welcoming her to her dream college. The letter said-‘ We received thousands of applications and everyone except her stated that they were leaders. Therefore if there will be so many leaders on the college campus, then we should surely admit a follower too.

All leaders are learners first. In fact if you notice a leader closely you will realize that they are leaders because they are great followers. They are open to new ideas, suggestions and push the limits to prepare more. They always have role models and never fail to learn from people around them.

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