“You make your depression permanent by the way you use your mind and body”

So many people suffer from depression and crazy mood swings that wreck their lives and create unhappiness in the lives of people around them. Some people want to stay depressed and miserable because it gets them a lot of attention and sympathy from the world around them. You may not be able to cure depression of other people, but you can certainly cure yours.

  1. Stop reading news paper or watching news- More than 90% of the content in the newspapers or television news is negative in nature. They try to make you a party to an event that you have no control over. You feel depressed and hopeless about the world you live in and as a result your own life as well.
  2. Meditate  for mental peace and read books- Meditation is the internal bathing of the body and a way you connect with your inner self that heals you off your depression. Read stories of  people who overcame more difficult situations or are fighting bigger battles than you. You will not feel depressed about your financial worries if you meet a smiling person who is suffering  from terminal illness or is without limbs. All your problems are relative in nature and they appear small when compared to a bigger problem.
  3. Practice Gratitude- Be grateful for the life force that resides within you. If you pick up a newspaper, go to the obituary page. On that page you will find a lot of people who did not get the opportunity to be alive today like you. They will be more than happy to trade places with you along with all your problems. No problem that you can ever face is bigger than the blessing called life. Grateful people do not get depressed.
  4. Be Action oriented- If you are going through tough times, do not waste your time in complaining, blaming or crying. Keep taking action in the direction of the solution. Depression is a disease in which thinking goes out of control and mind can only be controlled through massive action.
  5. Use your body in the Right Posture- Your emotions create your motions but your motions also create your emotions. Use your body in an empowering way- head held high, shoulder straight and chest inflated. As you feel in charge of your body, you feel in control of your emotions. Working out and going for a run also is very helpful in curing depression.

Once you understand how you swing with your crazy mood-swings you begin to live a life of higher awareness. Practice the 5 steps and see the change in your life.

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