With the increase in web literacy and usage of internet, we are observing a great deal of marketers and costumers online. This has clearly resulted in the huge success of online business ventures like Flipkart, Snapdeal, RedBus etc. Millions of people search the web every day to buy goods and services or just view them. The prospective markets online are a great opportunity for small businesses to grow just like the major ones. That is why every business today, irrespective of its nature, prefers to set up its website.

There are millions of websites that are present on the web, but not all are viewed by the people. In fact, out of a million results on Google, only the top 3 or 4 are preferred, and the rest are barely viewed. As almost 80% of people across the world use Google for their searches, let us consider only Google search results here.

Some websites, who can afford it, pay Google for keeping their search results on top that are called, sponsored links. Apart from that, the top results are preferred and nobody cares to open other Google pages. This mostly happens because not all trust the reliability of any random website and searchers fear a virus threat from those sites that are not on top.

So how can a business overcome this problem? A suggested solution is SEO.

Search engine optimisation, abbreviated as SEO, are the tool for businesses to grow online.

Mostly businesses may have a great website but they may be invisible to their customers. SEO helps businesses to increase their visibility on the web by optimising the website for having better reliability for search results.

SEO is a process of getting traffic on your website. In simple words, it helps a website to appear higher in a search result and gets more people to visit it.

SEO involves a disciplined rule followed by the website which may take a little longer but show fruitful results for sure.

The prevalent way for websites to get visible is paid for click advertising which costs great lot of money to a business. Hence, small businesses may not be able to afford this. Pay per click is good for the short term but not always beneficial. Below the line strategies like email marketing programs social media marketing have their own benefits. But when it comes to developing the reliability of website, the need of the hour is to make the content of the website more relevant to the customers.

Also good for big companies as well as  long term marketing strategy, because when quality of website increases, then the brand is marketed automatically and the return of investment is high.

What does SEO involve?

It involves suggesting right keywords for a website. For particular keyword, a website is given a ranking. This ranking determines its position. So the websites which have the right and relevant keywords will have higher rankings in the eyes of the search engine.

The most important part is that whether a website is cited often by other websites or not. So the pages that are referred by other authentic websites are more likely to be viewed. So you can say that the overall rank given to a website is based on the keywords and the quality of the back-link (just like a quality of research is determined by the sources).

The websites that have higher rank due to these above factors have natural search results on the search engine.

SEO enhances the traffic of natural results. SEO tools include plagiarism checker, keyword relevance, authenticity of back-link, IP, domain checker and numerous others. SEO techniques can be White Hat (those which are approved by engines) and Black Hat (unapproved ones like deceptive back-linking) in nature.

How small businesses get benefits out of it? Customers only search for specific keywords on Google. So if you have all the relevant keywords on your page that prospective customers usually search for, then you have higher chance of getting viewed. Once this happens, you get enormous number of customers online. This has a great impact on your revenue.

Also, a free SEO tool is available which tells how many people use a particular keyword in their searches. Along with several other tools to increase your websites usability and reliability, SEOs can really prove to be a low-cost online marketing option. Hence, a business definitely needs to have an SEO strategy in place.

What businesses can do? They can simply call search engine experts or can follow SEO practises themselves.

SEO experts try to find out what makes people to visit a website i.e. understanding the customers.

They give a proposal of strategy to follow that involves suggesting the keywords that will make the website appear on top of the web searches.

SEO concentrates the organization’s branding efforts and improves its online presence.

So websites and online businesses can always use SEO practises and tools to improve their market share and overall performance to a great extent.

After all, small persistent efforts do show great results in the long run

Submitted by: Samyak Chaudhary

The writer is a student at SSCBS, DU. The views expressed are based upon the analysis and research that the writer did on the topic from various books, reports and web articles.  The writer regularly writes for Corporate Monks as a research associate. The writer takes personal responsibility for the ownership of the content shared and incase some sources have not been given credit, you can directly mail the writer at-.samyakchaudhary@gmail.com


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