“We are not human beings having spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having human experience”

We all live in a world that does not really give us a choice to do nothing. Spirituality and money are two of my favorite subjects when it comes to delivering talks and writing books. As humans, most of the people keep juggling between the two opposite consciousness of matter and spirituality. I believe that this juggling causes a lot of stress. I always recommend my seminar participants to choose any one consciousness out of these two and start living according to the rules of that consciousness plane.

Please note that there is nothing good or bad about your decision and it is only your thinking that makes it so. Living on any of these two planes is a personal choice. Personally I believe that living on a spiritual plane is very difficult and only a person of unshakable faith and impeccable integrity can survive on this plane for a long time. Also this does not mean that people who live on spiritual plane are poor or miserable. They have gathered wealth by creating honest business systems and now they are giving it all away.

  1. The Spiritual consciousness: At this plane of consciousness, competition does not exist. You are living in the now and do not worry about the future. You have surrendered your personal ego to the divine will. You experience a sense of oneness with the universe. If you see through this consciousness you are part of everyone and everyone is part of you. Happiness of other people makes you happy, their pain saddens you.
    1. I just need enough to survive, so I do not work up myself- You do not get burdened by the pressure of social and family expectations. You work at your own pace. If people bother you too much on performance and targets, you become withdrawn and cut off all contacts with them. Please note that this is not decision of  lazy mind but of a person who prefers peace of mind over everything else. You can never be a part of the rat race.
    2. I only focus on actions and do not care about the results- You are happy after doing your bit. You know that action is in your hands and results are not, so you only focus on the action. You are a grateful person and live a very contented life.
    3. I keep giving away the surplus- You do not believe in hoarding. Once your needs are met you believe in giving the surplus to the needy. You know that human life is an opportunity to serve others. You do not starve but you do not overeat or chase the never ending desires. Amount does not matter, but you are in the habit of giving away everything you have.
    4. I neither seek happiness nor  worry about pain- You have crossed the dualities of life and live in an acceptance mode. You do not expect anything and accept everything that life brings to you.
  2. The Material Instincts: I believe that most of us are by default raised in such a way that it is very natural for us to develop material instincts.  The education system tells us to come first and only the top 5%-10% performers are rewarded in the education system for academics or any extracurricular activity. Likewise
    1. I decide how much money I need- You realize that money is man made and you do not like it when someone else decides how much money you will earn. Getting rich is one of the most important objectives of your life.
    2. Competition is necessary- You are part of corporate race and want to reach at the top. Your ambition is very important for you. You believe life is a game and for you to win someone else has to lose. We believe that everything is scarce and thus should be hoarded.
    3. More I have, better it will be- You want to buy the best experiences for yourself and your family. At this plane the success is measured by what you own and the quality of your life. You may have seen a lack of so many things that now you want abundance of everything. You do not like it when your family is uncomfortable because of lack of money.
    4. Once I have enough, i will keep it or give some of it away: You believe that without earning a lot money you cannot help many people. Therefore, you life goal is to earn a lot of money. Regular charity does not even cross your mind till the time you have amassed a lot of wealth.

Life is going to be very easy, if you choose to operate out of any one of the above two consciousness. If you do not, then you will experience a lot of stress.


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#Siddhartha is the CEO of #Success#Monks and the current president of India Speakers Forum. He is the author of bestselling books- Love Your Mondays and Retire Young and 60 Keys to Success. Every year his company touches the lives of hundreds and thousands of people through various training programs and seminars.

As a motivational speaker, he travels around the country and delivers inspiring talks in the field of personal development and success psychology. His works have been covered by Business World, Aaj tak, Smart Manager, LiveMint, Dainik Bhaskar, Zen TV and India posts Online.