Importance of public speaking? How to solve the problem of lack of confidence?

Public speaking is an art.  Art cannot be acquired without practice and innovations.  Its beauty lies in its form and the creator/artist of that form.  It wins admiration or scorn from the viewer.  So the artist has to develop  a knack to put his strokes at right place neatly and skill to use colors effectively.  Similarly Public Speaking  is not easy, not a cup of tea of everyone.  It needs skill, patience/tolerance, knowledge, impressive language and a cool head. In the present scenario, phenomenon of leadership should be known/practiced by everyone.  The skill to face audience with confidence and justify your point of view is a must.  Public Speaking is an integral part of leadership.  This cannot be taught/achieved in one day.  ‘Practice makes a man perfect’ is the rule.

This art should be started from an early stage/ at initial stage of schooling.

Initially the child will feel shy, make mistakes but encouragement of his teacher and parent will help him to evolve and face the classmates, school mates and later the public with confidence.  He will gain knowledge, do preparation to face the audience with utmost confidence and try to be impressive.  He will learn things, gain knowledge and confidence and emerge successful.

Do you think Children Reading less and spending more time on Internet & Social Media?

Today Reading has taken back seat and it is correct that internet & social media have become an inseparable part of day to day life of man – whether a child, adult or an old man.  The global, fast moving and changing trends,  every new second a development in each and every field and many more mesmerizing happenings leave a person stunned, and the ‘curiosity’ turns her/him to internet and social media.  She/he is leaning/experiencing but many a times get carried away and is unable to draw a line.  This usually applies to children/teenagers/youth.  So the need is to make them realize and differentiate between right and wrong/just and injust/ fake and real.  Let them read the right kind of material/literature on internet (kindle) let them discuss what they ‘read and understand’ on social media.  Then complaint regarding ‘reading less’ will vanish.  Today’s children are more aware, knowledgeable, practical and truthful than their parents, grandparents and so but lack of patience, tolerance and humility.  Let the generation gap word disappear, let family and teachers discuss things in a friendly manner, let there be no unnecessary demands and commands, then children will automatically like to read more and be active participants in discussions.  Let adults stop dictating the terms and conditions and let us give the youth space and time.  Let we be their inspiration and not their Gods.  Once the youth realize that we, teachers and parents, are their well wishers and selfless.  They will listen, obey and love to do things to make them happy.  Then reading will not take backseat.  Our love for reading and incentives will help students to love reading.


We recently got the opportunity to interview Mrs. Anita Wadehra, Principal of DLDAV Model School, Pitampura. Established in the year 1981, Darbari Lal DAV Model School has evolved as an ideal progressive quality institution blending the best of modernity with the best of tradition. The school is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education and is a member of the National Progressive Schools Conference.

Interview submitted by Mr. Siddhartha Sharma, who is the bestselling author of 5 books and the CEO of Success Monks.