“There is no future but only different ‘now’s’ that we choose to step in”

If you live in the past you will be depressed, if you live in the future you will be anxious. Living in the present is the only goal worth seeking.

  1. Connect with your breathing- Breathe air in and out of your nostrils and be aware of the process. You will experience a connection with yourself. According to Zen tradition this is the only time when your mind and body are one, else your mind is always wondering.
  2. Think positive or think nothing- Our mind is always running ahead of us. Thought is the food of the mind and more often than not our thought process is negative. When our mind feeds on negative thoughts it generates negativity and depression. Thinking is not always good. Once you have identified the problem through thinking, then start taking action on it in the present moment.
  3. Do not live in future- Visualization is good thing to do as long as you do not become attached to the outcome. Take highest quality action in the present and that is how you influence the future. Everything else is a delusion.
  4. Here and now- The most important time is now, the most important person is the person in front of you and the most important thing is the thing you are doing. Live in future through your actions but not through your thoughts. If you do not like the people in front of you then move and find the people you want to be with but do not stay their and think that you are stuck. Activities like eating, drinking and meditation produce best results when you are present. Gift your presence to people who you love and those who love you.

If you learn to live in the now, then you will experience bliss and everlasting happiness. If you do not practice mindfulness then your happiness will soon become your misery.


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#Siddhartha is the CEO of #Success#Monks and the current president of India Speakers Forum. He is the author of bestselling books- Love Your Mondays and Retire Young and 60 Keys to Success. Every year his company touches the lives of hundreds and thousands of people through various training programs and seminars.

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