“The purpose of marketing is to make selling unnecessary but if you do not have the marketing budgets then learn to sell”


According to Peter Drucker, every business has two core functions- innovation and marketing and all other functions are there to support these two core functions. When you are a small and medium enterprise with little or no marketing budget, you have to hone your selling skills. It is the selling that gets you the marketing budget when you are starting up.

It does not matter whether you are a one man army or a big business, you must have a strong selling system. Keep your sales team inspired and constantly upgrade their selling skills. We at #successmonks help businesses in maximizing their revenues by building a sales machine:

  1. Prospecting- You should know the people and businesses that you want to be your clients. Do not sell to the gatekeepers. They can say no to you but they cannot approve the budget. Always find out the decision makers in the deal and work hard to impress them.
  2. Email- Keep sending emails and informational reports about your business to prospective clients. Do not spam them but make surely you have a strategy to register your offerings in their minds.
  3. Calls- Very few appointments get converted over emails. Master the art of calling and fixing appointments. Practice your pitch and do not come across as a desperate salesperson.
  4. Meeting- Barring the exception of e-commerce businesses or utility services money moves only when the buyer and seller interact. However, both of them work only when you have high marketing budget and responsive technological systems in place. Meet the prospects and learn to build great relationships with them
  5. Closing- Build rapport with prospect and engage the decision maker once you have identified them. Find innovative and non-pushy ways of presenting your offerings. Always follow up on service and ask for referrals once you have satisfied your clients

Follow the 5 step process and watch your business sales skyrocket.


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