Easy and difficult are merely labels but they do determine our potential”

 ‘Siddhartha, do you think I can become an entrepreneur? Is it easy to be an entrepreneur?’

I cannot tell you how many times, this exact question or something similar to it is asked to me by the audience, post my seminars or book signing events. I always reply to this question with another question:

‘Do you think it is easy to be an employee?’

Nothing is easy or difficult in itself, it is your thinking that makes it so. As an employee is you do not like the following then being an employee will become difficult for you-

  1. Your colleagues,
  2. Taking orders from your bosses
  3. Office politics and gossips
  4. Your salary growth rate
  5. Your work
  6. Lack of control on your professional life

Likewise as a business owner, if you do not like the following then it will be very difficult for you to do business:

  1. Marketing and selling
  2. Swallowing your ego in front of difficult customers or government officials
  3. Long working hours and erratic work-schedule
  4. Business risks
  5. Irregular income (profit/losses)
  6. Long term planning

However, before you pursue something in the physical world, it should become easy for you in your mental world. As humans do not act on what they believe to be very difficult for them.

Siddhartha Sharma