“We only live once but if we live it to the most then one life is enough”


Some people treat their time as if they are going to live forever. Some are so particular about their daily agenda that they begin to live a stressful existence. There are some people who treat their time like money and then there are some who know that time is more valuable than money.

Perishable and non-renewable source

Yes, indeed time is more valuable than money and yet it cannot be hoarded like money. You cannot stash the currency of time in a saving or investment account hoping to use it at some appropriate time in future. You can either use it in some meaningful pursuit or waste it in some frivolous activity. Most of the people do not realize that time is a perishable commodity and that all of us have been blessed with our own limited quotas of time depending on our life-span. Therefore, as long as you live you are either utilizing your time or wasting it.

View it like a daily grant

The time management workshops that I take for my clients, I tell my participants to view the time in their life in the form of a daily monetary grant given to them.

  1. Every morning when you wake up, your life is credited with- 24 hours or 1440 minutes or 86,400 seconds.
  2. It is because of this daily grant that they are alive on this planet. There are so many people who went to sleep last night but did not wake up today morning. May be some force up there cancelled their grant or maybe they exhausted their limits sooner than they should have.
  3. You are supposed to use this grant the very same day. There is no balance carried forward to the next day.
  4. There is no immediate punishment or reward to use the grant wisely, but in the long run it could make or break your life.
  5. The way you use your time grant determines how much money you will have, the health you will experience and the quality of relationships you will form.

Can humans influence time?

  1. Human life is unpredictable. We are mortals and we do not know exactly when the curtains will be pulled down on us. The ultimate decision will be taken by God or our Creator and we human beings will have no say in it.
  2. I personally believe that humans may not entire control the quantity of the time they have in life but they can certainly influence it. The number of years we get to live can vary depending on our food and health habits.
  3. In addition to the power to influence the quantity of time you have you can even manage the quality of time you experience. The people you surround yourself with and the personal development habits you develop will influence the quality of your time.
  4. Also in your professional life, if you create business systems then you will not have to trade your time for earning money. Thus the passive income systems you create or fail to create determine how much control you will have over the time in your life.
  5. If you develop your ability to focus and concentrate on your projects, you will achieve more than people who lead a life full of distractions

Treat you time with respect and you will see that your future will be better than what you could imagine.

Siddhartha Sharma