“More than 70% of the US workforce does not feel engaged at work”

Gallup, State of American Workforce 2013

We do not have such an extensive survey available for Indian companies but I am sure that numbers are equally bad for our companies.

Do not blame the HR

I meet a lot of Human resources officials and it is appalling to watch a sense of apathy that takes over when it comes to the implementation of best engagement practices. But then I realized that the organization failed to engage them too. At the end of the HR is also an employee of the organization, and somebody needs to engage them so that they can engage your workforce.

Make employee engagement your top priority

  1. Employee engagement is the fastest and most effective way of improving productivity of the people and thus the performance of the organization.
  2. You cannot use the skills and mind of the employees without the permission of their heart. A sense of emotional fulfillment is very important for your people.
  3. You may spend resources in upgrading their skills and technical know how, but most important thing is to motivate them to use it
  4. Every employee after 1-2 years of experience, figures out ways to bypass the processes and the checks you place on them

Employee Engagement is a lot like parenting

Never stop working on employee engagement front. Every employee who works at your organization is a brand ambassador and what he/she says about you in the market place affects your reputation. Customer service and client experience also gets adversely impacted due to poor engagement levels.

Just like a parent never gives up on his/her children till the time they are with them, an organization cannot afford to stop engaging their employees. Till the time they are working with you, they are your professional family.

  1. Work hard to discover the intrinsic and external factors of motivation for your people.
  2. Maintain a two way communication with them.
  3. Nurture their skills, find out their learning needs
  4. Give them work opportunities to grow and showcase their skills
  5. Be transparent and fair in your processes
  6. Take care of rewards, recognition and remuneration. Meet the industry standards
  7. Identify disengaged people and keep working with them till you see that they have become engaged again
  8. Treat your people as important as your clients

Employee engagement is possible if not 100%, at least strive for 90% plus engagement. A business can live with numbers like that.

Siddhartha Sharma

Author-Love Your Mondays and Retire Young