In today’s scenario wherein commercialization is spreading it’s wings into every sphere of day to day life, tourism accounts for a sunrise industry in this aspect. Tourism industry is finding relevance in the global market today as it is expanding beyond borders and encounter a huge global market. The transition of travelling away from it’s mere use as a method of connecting to your far flung relatives to it becoming a way to find leisure has incredibly surged the number of enterprises in the tourism industry. Today the tourism industry globally stands at  Billions and is expected to cross the trillion dollar mark soon.

In India whereas, the tourism industry is at a nascent stage.  The industry is expanding at an incredible pace looking at the entry of various foreign players into the Indian market as Thomas Cook, Cox and Kings etc. The recognition of well established foreign tourism brands of India as one of the most promising markets for the tourism industry has encouraged the domestic tourism industry. Today the number of start ups in the tourism is industry in India are as high in number as any other industry, and they not only act as numbers but provide competition to their foreign counterparts. Companies like MakeMyTrip have been able to not only gain a large part of the whole market but also have been able to achieve huge revenues only after few years of their inception. The basis of Indian tourism market is developing on trying to develop desirable services to the Indian consumer while being able to provide the same at a reasonable price.  The industry today is moreover internet based where all services like booking packages, tickets etc. can be found on a website which is easy to access and use. Such a structure is bound to develop in the coming time as according to surveys the number of people willing to opt for such websites for planning their vacations has dramatically increased over time. The indian tourism industry is bound to expand.

Though towards the expansion of tourism industry, there are various facets, which have to be considered for the promising growth of the industry takes place.

Firstly, Becoming consumer friendly.

Even after the boom of the entire tourism industry, a large part of the consumer base still stands untapped. The notion of the use of tourism agents or companies is still attached to high prices, unnecessary hassle , hidden terms and other misconceptions. The biggest challenge for the industry is to clear the air around these misconceptions and be able to reach the audience with what it is than what it is though to be. The industry can do the following by developing consumer friendly programs where consumer interaction is a primary objective. The attention should be given not only to  loyal customers but equally to potential customers to the industry.

Secondly, the USP of the tourism industry.

People use the services of a tourism agent or company when he/she believes the same can benefit them considerably. Until the point they believe that they can do the same without needing assistance from a third party, they would not be willing to use the services. So the tourism industry needs to show it’s USP of providing people convenience at cheaper prices with exactly the services they want. The tourism industry needs to create a need for itself to achieve people who’d be interested.

Thirdly, Innovation

Mostly, people look at a limited number of places when they think of vacations. For example for domestic travel Kashmir, Mussorie etc would be tourist spots whereas for international vacationing, people would be willing to go to places like New York, Las Vegas etc. This notion of famous tourist spots often makes people have limited choices and lost interest after a while. The companies should aim at showing tourism not as limited to certain places and try to explore new ones. To make tourism be more as of excitement, adventure and recreation of new places that are away from the everyday life. For Example,  V Resorts is one such brand which targets people with never before felt experiences in untapped places.

Fourthly , Taking more risks.

The industry has to realize that the tourism market is no different from any other market. It has to go through the same dynamic market and is prone to the preferences of the customers. So it must keep changing rapidly and be adaptive towards the changing environment. By following the above said methods, the tourism industry can successfully achieve growth.

Vatsal Dhaka

Vatsal is a student at SSCBS, DU. The views expressed are based upon the analysis and research that the writer did on the topic from various books, reports and web articles.  The writer regularly writes for Corporate Monks as a research associate. The writer takes personal responsibility for the ownership of the content shared and incase some sources have not been given credit, you can directly mail the writer