Apple created a social status

By setting products on a premium it created a social status of holding anything start with an “I”. When all the companies were running a race to the bottom it created a premium product. Not 50 different models, but one premium product that gives you pride in holding it . That became the power for apple.  Whether a teenager wanted to show off in his college or a professional showing his class, they choose apple to do it.

Serving the business users

In the time where corporates were given company devices apple brought the change when “Bring your own device” became popular. Everyone wanted to leave the cluttered blackberry and use the easy to use Apple. With excessive apps syncing they could manage things easier. It also had an aesthetic sense to it as many corporate executives believed. This made it the choice for corporates adding on to the premium image it had.

Do it right

They were not the first to introduce smartphones or MP3 players but they were the first to give that to the customer in the easiest way possible. Even if they did not do it first, When they did it, they did it right. There products became the benchmarks in that field.  Ipad was an easy to use tablet which for the first time could make people understand how much a tablet can be used to make everyday business tasks or other tasks easier.

Research and development

With constant success of products they continued to focus on research and development to make their products better and better. They had a constant edge and they intend to keep it. The intention to keep it makes sure that their company is not just a one product or one decade wonder. Even though it is a top choice in corporate executives, apple continues to research on how to improve its applications and products to better serve these users. It also continues to introduce new products by keeping a close watch on market innovations.

The factor most people miss behind apple is the person who managed to make situations so bad for himself that he resigned from his own company. He was erratic .He formed another company and came back to Apple when this company Next was bought by Apple. This erratic and sometimes outright bad behavior was required to make apple what it was. As soon as he joined apple again he started closing down projects. These were autocratic decisions that many people would not take. These decisions of closing down the projects and releasing IMac , along with his marketing skill is the defining point of what Apple is today.


Utkarsh Makkar

Utkarsh is a student at SSCBS, DU. The views expressed are his own based upon the analysis and research he did on the topic from various books, reports and web articles.  He regularly writes for Corporate Monks as a research associate. The writer takes person responsibility for the ownership of the content shared and incase some sources have not been given credit, you can directly mail him